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Campaign Consulting by Jack Friend

Who Am I?

Jack Friend

As the skipper and campaign lead for The FriendShip, I had the privilege of leading our team and my three brothers across the Atlantic Ocean as part of TWAC (now WTR) 2022. It was one of the best experiences of my life.


I have spent the last 5 years working in the City of London supporting leading global asset managers in some of their most important strategic initiatives across investment and technology as a management consultant.


Now travelling and working remotely, I am drawn to the ocean and in the process of buying a small sailing boat to live and travel on. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

How Can I Help?

With nearly 5 years of hands-on experience as a management consultant in central London, I've developed strong project management skills. Much of my career has been devoted to assisting high-achieving teams in setting and achieving their strategic goals. Combined with my experience of running the FriendShip Campaign and my genuine passion for Ocean Rowing, I am well placed to support you in your journey.

My aim is to help you professionalise your campaign and navigate the challenges that will arise as you work towards that starting line.

Prices Start from £200, please get in touch for more information.


Tom Skinner

Worlds Toughest Row 2025 - Solo Row

"All ocean rowers talk endlessly about the challenge of getting a boat to the start line. And a year into my project, I can tell you it's completely overwhelming!
Bringing Jack "on board" was a brilliant decision. Jack adds management consultant professionalism to the project and combines it with the pragmatism that can only come from someone who has actually done the thing! He would make an invaluable addition to any ocean rowing team."
Gus Barton

Gus Barton

Ocean Rowing Coach / Trainer

"To date there have been few campaigns as well run as The Friendships'. In all aspects they managed to deliver a perfectly organised, creative and incredibly well funded campaign.

At the heart of this campaign was Jack, I would recommend to anyone thinking about starting their campaign to get in touch."

Phil Burns

Phil Burns

Associate Director, Alpha FMC

"Jack is an extremely hard-working and motivated individual, with an exceptional eye for detail and a strong ability to produce high-impact, well-designed presentations.

In my almost 5 years of working with Jack, I was always impressed by his project management and organisation skills, even when working on the most complex large scale initiatives.

One of the most dependable colleagues I have had throughout my career."

Euan Friend

Euan Friend

Team Member, The FriendShip

"Jack led our Atlantic Row campaign, and was pivitol to us securing sponsors and raising £130,000 for Charity. From massive events like a Charity Auction Ball to meticulously planning on-water training and ensuring team safety through detailed passage planning.
His leadership during the row was evident in our daily team meetings and initiatives, such as receiving daily letters from loved ones. Jack is a highly efficient, hardworking, and reliable individual — I highly recommend him if you are looking to make your campaign a success."
The Hardest Part of Rowing an Ocean
Ocean Rowing Graphic

While this statement is not necessarily completely true it does speak to the fact that a huge part of rowing an ocean is the success of the campaign and the preperation that comes before the row itself.



Please Get In Touch

Please get in touch to find out more about how I can support you on your ocean rowing journey.


I am more than happy to have a call and talk through anything covered here and beyond, just reach out to schedule a slot below or contact me on whatsapp or via email. 


I look forward to speaking to you.

+44 7481 938 338

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