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The First Four Brothers to Row Any Ocean

The Twins


We are the “Friend” brothers, two sets of twins only 18 months apart in age. Our aim is to become the first four brothers to row any ocean.

Growing up together in the green hills of Devon, adventure has come naturally, as has the competitive need to push each other further, faster and higher. Now older and following different career and personal paths, this challenge is our opportunity to restrengthen the bonds of brotherhood and raise money and awareness for causes close to our hearts.

In order to succeed, Jack, Hamish, Arthur and Euan will need to come together as a team to conquer the Atlantic Ocean and overcome the immense mental, physical and logistical challenge it will take to do so.


The Charities

Raising money for three great charities close to our hearts

100% of your donations will go straight to supporting these fantastic causes


Supporting the work of Kiwoko Hospital in the rural Luweero region of central Uganda.

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Helping young adults leaving foster or residential care to achieve their full potential with exciting and sustainable employment opportunities.


Supporting people experiencing housing difficulties in Mid Devon since 1995.


The Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a 3,000 mile unsupported rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean from La Gomera to Antigua.

It is known as the 'world's toughest row' and is one of the most demanding endurance events on the planet.


More people have climbed Mount Everest than have rowed across the Atlantic.


Because it's so much more than just a physical challenge.

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