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The FriendShip Journal - Episode 4

News from the Ocean

(Reposting episode 4 slightly out of sequence - sorry!)

And here we are, less than 24 hours to go before we set off to row across the Atlantic Ocean. We are feeling as prepared as we possibly could be after 2 weeks of hard work here in La Gomera and 2 years orftraining and preparation in the UK. It is time to go and give it our best! The weather for the first few days is looking calm and hot with some headwinds - so it will be hard, hard rowing from the get go with no help from the wind. We will likely head south initially to try and pick up some of the trade winds down there so if we aren't heading directly to Antigua we haven't got lost, it is all part of the plan! The start kicks off at 11 am tomorrow morning and with the boats being launched at 3 minute intervals we are due to start at 12.02. For those who want to you can watch the live stream of the start on Atlantic Campaigns Facebook or Youtube pages from just before 11 am tomorrow morning (we won't be starting until 12.02 though!). Once we are off we you will be able to track us by using the YB Races App. You can download this from the app store on your phone, once downloaded search for 'Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2022' on the app and you will be able to follow the race and see our position. The position will update every 4-6 hours. Our brilliant support team will also be keeping our social media pages up to date with some content that we are able to send back via satellite connection and this email update will continue on a semi-regular basis! So admin aside, we wanted to leave you with a massive thank you from us to you all, the support we have had has been incredible, we haven't been able to thank everyone personally or respond to every message but we really really appreciate it all. We will be spurred on by your support for us, your kind donations and the thought of catching up again with you all when we reach the other side.

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