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The FriendShip Journal - Episode 1

News from the Ocean

So you joined a mailing list, some of you maybe over a year ago but you haven’t heard from us until now….sorry!

We have not been very good at sending updates via email as we have mainly been posting our updates on social media, for any social media fans we are still doing this and you can follow along by searching for @thefriendshipatlantic on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook for all the latest FriendShip updates (some non-existent media training kicking in 😉)

However, we thought the time had come for us to hark back to the good old days of written content; long form descriptions of how we go to the loo when mid-Atlantic, detailed explanations of Euan’s body hygiene routine, a minute by minute account of Arthur’s ab routine for you to all enjoy as you sip a cup of tea…only joking (sort of)

In all seriousness though we do want to share some more updates on how we are getting on as we approach the start line of our epic upcoming adventure, and hopefully give you an insight into the journey as we go through it.

Before we dive into that however, we wanted to say a little thank you to all of you. We have spent the last two years preparing for this Atlantic Row, it has been an incredible journey of great highs, some lows and a lot of hard work – the saying in the Ocean Rowing Community goes that the hardest part of an Ocean Row is getting to the start line (we aren’t sure we quite believe this yet but we will report back).

However if it had just been the four of us then we wouldn’t have ever made it as far as this, the amount of people it takes to successfully prepare to row an Ocean is so many more than the people in the boat. So to all of you who have donated, helped us fix or replace boat parts, sponsored through your company, put us in touch with potential sponsors, helped prepare our food, donated equipment, sent words of encouragement, asked us how its going in the office/pub/park/etc, told your friends what we are doing, come to our fundraising ball, helped us move our boat, helped us pack our food and so so much more – Thank You. You will all be in our hearts and minds as we make our journey to the start line and as we embark on this mission.

So emotional thank you aside, what’s the plan I hear you scream? Well, we want to send you all and anyone else who wants to read them one of these email updates every week until we start and then (technology dependent) every week that we are out on the water. We will share the highs, the lows, the fears and some useful tips for following and supporting as we go! We would also love to answer any questions you have about the upcoming row or any of our preparations, so do complete the quick survey below and we will include the answer in the next email update!

To start with though we thought we would furnish you all with some key upcoming dates:

28th November – The FriendShip Team head out to La Gomera via Tenerife, the Start Line for the 2022 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge! We will be reunited with our Ocean Rowing Boat the beautiful Eppy and the final preparations will begin!

4th December (approx.) – We will have completed our boat and kit inspections and will be putting Eppy into Atlantic waters for the first time. Launched into the marina at La Gomera the next time she will come out of the water will be in Antigua!

12th December – The planned race start and our last morning on terra firma for what could be up to 50 days! The race start will be live streamed and we will share the link for anyone who would like to watch as we dip our oars, push off from the pontoon and row out into the unknown…

12th December Onwards – Row Eat Row Sleep Row Navigate Row Repeat...

We will have limited satellite phone connection and so the ability to send back updates via email and a few photos (hopefully). The FriendShip land team will be helping us keep this email and our social media pages running so do follow along and we will also provide details for a live tracking link closer to the time!

Oh and don't forget to ask us a question using the button below, it will make the upcoming emails much, much more interesting...

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