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Meet the Twins

We are the Friend Brothers

The Skipper

Jack is the eldest brother (every minute counts as a twin) and works as a consultant in London – the eldest are the boring ones after all. As the self-professed captain, he lives for the detail and will stop at nothing to ensure we are fully prepared for our voyage. Jack is meticulous, organised and strategic. He will be heading up team strategy, certifying that all equipment is logged, tested and ready for the voyage. Jack is a keen sailor having sailed the coast of North Africa, Spain and Croatia.


It will fall to Jack to point the boat in the right direction, manipulating the weather to work for and not against the brothers.  

Key Attributes as told by Hamish:

Planning Guru

The reader of the stars

Audaciously ambitious

A pragmatic problem solver

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The Orator

Trainee surveyor Hamish is the second of the older twins and after 18 months of client lunches in London, the boy has been blessed with the ‘gift of the gab’. Finally putting his foghorn to good use, he will ensure that everyone far and wide knows about the challenge, but more importantly, the wonderful charities and companies we will be partnering with. Hamish rowed during his first year at Oxford Brookes University and is well acquainted with a pair of oars.


Hamish will keep the brothers on stroke, maintaining the crucial can-do attitude he is famous for. 

Key Attributes as told by Euan:

Doggedly determined

Ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey

Self-proclaimed best singer

The creative thinker

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The Thinker

Arthur is the third brother and the older of the second set of twins. Whilst old Dante may see this challenge as a living inferno, this mission is not going to get the best of Arthur, who is due to study a maths PGCE at Oxford University. A 1st team veteran of Edinburgh University RFC, he is used to intense physical training and has a fierce competitive spirit. The brothers will be relying on his sharp intellect and measured judgements to keep them on course.

Arthur will take charge of the team's nutrition for the row, fuelling their strength to keep pulling those oars, stroke after stroke after stroke.


Key Attributes as told by Jack:

Humble achiever

Deep thinker

Inquisitive questioner

Prettiest brother

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The Muscle

Last, but most certainly not least, Euan is the final brother to complete the team. He might be the youngest, but he is definitely not the smallest. The Brawn to Arthur's Brain, the Oxford University Blues 1st team rugby prop is the muscle the brothers will need to power them across the Atlantic. Euan will study his physics PGCE alongside Arthur at Oxford and as a current Earth Sciences student, Euan will be Jack’s, right-hand man. He will use his oceanography knowledge to help navigate the brothers through the stormy waters whilst also educating the brothers on the various fauna they will encounter. 


A gym guru, Euan will be ensuring all the brothers are in peak physical condition for the race. 

Key Attributes as told by Arthur:

Strong as an ox

Eats like a horse

Brains of the bunch

Mop on top

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Support Team

Piers Langdon

Fundraising Manager

Piers shares his nephew's taste for adventure! With a farming background, Piers has taken his hands on experience around the globe and in the last three decades delivered agricultural development projects in remote places across Africa, Asia, and Europe. He brings his fundraising skills and logistical 'know how' to the challenge together with a 'can do' attitude and an eye for detail.

Piers relishes the chance to introduce and connect people in order to solve problems and make stuff happen, so if you're interested he's ready to chat! He is thrilled to be on The FriendShip team and although approaching his mid-sixties, has thrown his name in the hat as the first reserve.

Pete Dixon

Press Liaison

Peter spent more than 30 years as a sports journalist in Fleet Street, the vast majority of them at The Times. As deputy sports editor at the paper, he was responsible for the day-to-day commissioning of news reports and features, and for liaising with a talented team of writers. He later became the paper’s golf correspondent and travelled the world to cover some of the game’s biggest events, among them the men’s and women’s major championships and the Ryder Cup. He was also a ghost writer for Justin Rose, the former world No.1.

After witnessing at close quarters some of the world’s top sportspeople going about their business, Peter came to recognise that huge determination and self-belief were as vital to success as raw talent. “Each of the brothers has these traits in spades,” he says. “From start to finish of this amazing adventure, it’s going to be awesome watching them pull together as a four-man team.”

And as for standing in for any of the brothers should the need arise? He says he’ll stick to his laptop.

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