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The FriendShip

The First Four Brothers to Row Any Ocean
32 Days, 20 Hours and 18 Minutes on the Atlantic
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The FriendShip Campaign

The FriendShip was the first team of four brothers to row across any ocean. Completing TWAC 2022 in a time of 32 days, our mission was to “Unite As Brothers, Strive to Compete, and Finish as Friends.”

The FriendShip

3rd in the Race

The FriendShip

£130k Raised for Charity

The FriendShip

Top 10 Fastest TWAC Row

The FriendShip

Fully Funded Campaign

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The Twins

We are the “Friend” brothers, two sets of twins only 18 months apart in age. In January 2023 we became the first four brothers to row any ocean - crossing the Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua in a time of 32 days.


Growing up together in the green hills of Devon, adventure came naturally, as did the competitive need to push each other further, faster and higher. The Atlantic Row was our opportunity to restrengthen the bonds of brotherhood and raise money and awareness for causes close to our hearts.

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Home: The Charities

A core mission behind the FriendShip Campaign was to raise as much money and awareness as possible for three charities close to our hearts.  The campaign raised over £130,000 for these charities thanks to the generosity of our kind supporters.

Friends of Kiwoko Hospital

Supporting the work of Kiwoko Hospital in the rural Luweero region of central Uganda.

The Drive Forward Foundation

Helping young adults leaving foster or residential care to achieve their full potential with exciting and sustainable employment opportunities.

CHAT Mid Devon - The FriendShip Row

Supporting people experiencing housing difficulties in Mid Devon since 1995.



Speaking and Events

The Friend Brothers are available for corporate and event speaking. The brothers can share captivating tales from their Atlantic rowing adventure, infused with invaluable insights on teamwork, resilience, and camaraderie. 


Whether you're looking to inspire your team or entertain your audience, the Friend Brothers are the perfect choice. 

+44 7481 938 338

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